Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Morello Cherry Conserve

I’d completely forgotten I’d bought this jam, and it made for a pleasant surprise when I opened the cupboard looking for something to slather on my toast this morning.

The jar opened with a satisfying pop and I was greeted with a slight aroma of cherries.

The first spoonful of conserve clearly contained a generous number of whole cherries (with stones removed) – just what I’d expect from a good conserve. It was thick yet yielding to the knife, and it spread easily despite the whole fruit – it was a good  consistency and I didn’t have to break up the fruit to get good coverage across the toast. A small fruit such as the cherry is great for conserve for this reason. Once spread, it stayed put and I didn’t end up with it running down my fingers as I ate.

It also looked pretty appetising. It looks quite purple in the jar, but once spread it had a lovely reddish hue.


Everything up to this point had been wonderful, so I took a bite expecting a burst of cherry flavour in my mouth. And was disappointed. It was nice, but maybe I had built it up in my mind too much. The texture of the whole fruit was excellent, soft but not slimy, but I didn’t get that cherry hit that I expected. This was still a good breakfast so I kept eating, and discovered that this conserve is a bit of a slow burner. The cherry flavour grew and grew with bite after bite, and by the end it had certainly met my expectations. The cherry flavours were subtle but definitely there, and they had a slightly tart edge that was beautiful with the sweetness of the jam.

This conserve has a great texture, beautiful appearance and a lovely flavour once you get to it. 4 out of 5.

I’ve had good experiences with others in Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference conserves range, so I’ll look forward to reviewing them properly in the future!

Essential information:
Price: £1.50 (June 2017)
Size: 340g
Fruit content: Prepared from 55g fruit per 100g.
Ingredients: Morello Cherries, Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Pectin.
Artificial Flavours: No.
Artificial Colours: No.


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